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it began in the US back in the 60’s, when an inventive angler named G.H.Harris came up with the idea. There were small electric motors at the time, but they were awkward to use and had to be steered by hand.

Harris developed the forerunner of today’s sophisticated MotorGuide models, with a motor that would move the boat along at fishing speeds, and was easy to operate by foot... leaving the hands free to continue fishing.

Over the years, MotorGuide has simply set the standard In product innovation, precision engineering, outstanding performance and reliability.

Today around the world, MotorGuide is recognised for its uncompromising quality in trolling motors – by both experienced competition anglers and serious amateurs.

MotorGuide goes digital, and trolling motors will never be the same!

We have all become used to digital technology, in such things as mobile phones, home entertainment and in fact, most advanced electronic components. But now, digital has arrived to the world of fishing!

As it has done so often over the last 40 years, MotorGuide leads the way once again, with this vastly improved technology in electric trolling motors. By incorporating digital technology, MotorGuide now offers variable-speed trolling motors with dramatic improvements in performance, reliability, capability and serviceability!

This digital revolution is really what the MotorGuide brand is all about. We believe there are some things you should never stop doing...

"Never stop learning. Never stop improving. And, never ever stop fishing!"