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Big Tiller

Big Tiller is not available in Europe

Mercury Marine has developed a tiller handle for high horsepower outboards, giving fisherman what they want, more room in the boat and simple hands-on control of their engine.

The tiller arm is designed for 75 to 250 horsepower Mercury outboard engines. The handle adapts to 75 to 115 horsepower Mercury FourStrokes, 75 to 250 horsepower OptiMax engines and 135 to 200 horsepower four-cylinder Verado engines with SmartCraft Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS).

Big Tiller Big Tiller Big Tiller

Mercury engineers designed the ergonomically-friendly tiller handle with ease-of-use in mind. Integrated shift, trim and throttle controls makes this big tiller handle easy to operate. The friendly adjustment knobs allow for easy modification of the tiller handle angle, throttle handle and valve tension.

Fishermen love the proximity of the shift arm to the throttle end of the tiller - making it easy to operate. The trim switch is located within easy reach, providing the boat operator easy access. The power steering option allows for complete control and safety with no effort or fatigue to the operator. The friction on the tiller arm pivot and throttle can be adjusted and the tiller arm can be lifted and locked into five positions for fishing convenience and trailering security.

Available options include the ability to attach external trim switches, such as foot trims, and a push-button RPM adjuster. The RPM adjuster allows the operator to adjust the boat speed with the push of a button, providing better control and maneuverability.

Optional power steering is available on all of the OptiMax engines that utilize mechanical steering. In addition, DTS power steering is available on all four-cylinder Verado outboards and OptiMax engines with DTS. The steering system uses common Verado parts such as the pump, hoses and cylinders. The system allows for adjustable steering pressure with the touch of a finger and has zero engine feedback through the tiller arm. A bypass valve allows the outboard to be manually steered when the engine is not running.

The tiller handle will fit any model listed above that has a 14-pin connector. Models built prior to 2006 will require an adaptor to convert the older eight-pin connector to the newer 14-pin connector.