6-cilinder, inboard engine with DEUTZ base – 197 Hp (145 kW) to 2300 rpm and 7146 cc. The marine diesel engine Deutz SDZ-205 is marinized is marinized to achieve the most resistant engine possible. It is designed for working and commercial use in medium or small boats. This professional marine engine is set to give a high torque from low rpm. It is a marine engine of 6 cylinders with 7,15 liters of displacement, with a turbocharger. It is a balanced and quiet engine. This is a perfect engine for repowering displacement and semi-displacement boats, mooring vessels, passenger ships, fishing boats or small tugs.

Base Engine Manufacturer:Deutz
Max Power:143.9 kW - 195.5 CV
Max. RPM :2300
No. Cylinder & Arrangement:6 - In line
Bore and stroke:108.0 - 130 mm
Displacement:7146 cc
Standard Voltage:24 V