Deep Blue 50 RXL

Deep Blue: the first high-power propulsion system in serial production. A fully integrated system in which all components are designed to match each other seamlessly and to work together perfectly on the water An overall concept that is unique in terms of safety, performance and range.
9-year warranty on battery bank
A reliable battery lifespan is key for electric boating economics. That is why Deep Blue comes with a long-term battery capacity warranty: 9 years after commissioning, the batteries will still have 80 % of their original capacity, even if you use them every day.* Battery ageing is transparent and can be tracked by the user in the on-board computer at any time

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Input power (continuous) in kW 55.1
Propulsive power in kW 32.4
Comparable petrol outboards (shaft power) 80 HP
Maximum overall efficiency in % 54
Motor weight without battery, including electronics in kg 139 (L) / 145 (XL)
Shaft length 20" / 51 cm (L) 25“ / 63.5 cm (XL)
Standard propeller v = speed in km/h at p = power in watts v50/p50k
Maximum propeller speed in rpm 2.400
Control Throttle
Tilting device Electric trim and tilt
Trim device Electric trim and tilt
Integrated on-board computer with touchscreen display Yes
Salt water cooling 7 l/min, max. 32°C
BMW i3 battery Nominal voltage 360 V
Max. continuous performance 55 kW
Capacity 40 kWh
Weight 278 kg
Dimensions 1660 x 964 x 174 mm