MINI-55 50.0CV (36.8kW)

Inboard engine with 4 cylinders, 52 hp (38.3 kW) at 3000 rpm and 1758 cc of displacement. This marine engine has a turbocharged aspiration system. It is a quiet boat engine that works at low fuel consumption. It is especially suitable for sailboats, motorboats and fishing boats because it has a good relationship between power and weight.

Model: MINI-55
Base Engine Manufacturer: Mitsubishi
Max Power: 36.8 kW - 50.0 CV
Max. RPM : 3000
Cycle: 4
No. Cylinder & Arrangement: 4 - In line
Bore and stroke: 78.0 - 92 mm
Displacement: 1758 cc
Aspiration: Turbocharger
Standard Voltage: 12 V