SDZ-280 271.7CV (200.0kW)

6-cilinder inboard engine with DEUTZ base – 271,7 Hp (200 kW) to 2300 rpm and 7150 cc of engine capacity. The SDZ-280 is an engine designed for work boats. It is equipped with turbocharger and intercooler. This engine is a hard worker. The Deutz series is designed to deliver high torque at low revolutions. This marine engine meets the needs of needs of professional boats: small fishing boats, rafts, small small trawlers and tugs, passenger and freight vessels, swallows, catamarans and cargo ships in general. The injection of this marine engine is mechanically regulated, so they have very easy maintenance and great reliability.

Model: SDZ-280
Base Engine Manufacturer: Deutz
Max Power: 200.0 kW - 271.7 CV
Max. RPM : 2300
Cycle: 4
No. Cylinder & Arrangement: 6 - In line
Bore and stroke: 108.0 - 130 mm
Displacement: 7146 cc
Aspiration: Turbocharger & Intercooler
Standard Voltage: 24 V