Inboard diesel marine engine engine on Kubota base, 4 cylinder with an output of 59,8 hp (44 kW)at 2300 rpm and a displacement of 2434 cc. Engine on Kubota base, it guarantees high performance and durability. The compact and lighter design make this engine suitable for sailboats and small professional fishing boats. It has a turbo intake system that allows consumption and pollution reduction. SK-60 is regulated according with the RCD 2 emissions certifications. This model is available with a wide range of repowering kits that reduce installation costs.

Model: SK-60
Base Engine Manufacturer: Kubota
Max Power: 44.0 kW - 59.8 CV
Max. RPM : 2700
Cycle: 4
No. Cylinder & Arrangement: 4 - In line
Bore and stroke: 87.0 - 102 mm
Displacement: 2434 cc
Aspiration: Turbocharger
Standard Voltage: 12 V